How the Hub works

Paxman HUB Process

The Paxman Hub will send you your Paxman Personal Cap Kit.

The Paxman Hub is a call center with specially trained case managers who will work with you and discuss your situation. They will quickly create your account and send out your kit. A payment system will be set up and the pay-per-use token will be explained. You will also be encouraged to continue with your scalp cooling throughout treatment to get the benefits of hair preservation.

The Hub specialists are there for you with information on scalp cooling and other relevant information.

The Paxman Hub case managers are also there to assist HCPs, physicians, nurses and all healthcare professionals with any questions they may have.

During the pre-chemotherapy meeting, scalp cooling for hair preservation is explained.

Paxman Scalp Cooling is explained and, if chosen, cap is fit and Enrollment Form for Paxman Scalp Cooling is completed. Cost is also discussed along with self-pay options.

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You complete the enrollment form and then your doctor’s office will fax that form to the Paxman Hub.

You call the Paxman Hub. A case manager specialist will provide comprehensive information and discuss the pay-for-use token process.

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Paxman Personal Cap Kit is delivered promptly to your home.

The Paxman Hub quickly sends your Paxman Personal Cap Kit, complete with useful components, including your own cap and cap cover, to your home.


Package is received.

The brochure, the kit components, and the instructional videos on the website should all help prepare you for scalp cooling. The Paxman Hub will send reminders about bringing the kit to
the center for your appointment.


Treatment day.

Please bring the Paxman Personal Cap Kit and all of the components to the center. You should be prepared for scalp cooling.