Will it work for me?

There is a very good chance it will, but it cannot be guaranteed. It is important to understand that you may experience some hair loss. Success rates depend on many variable factors including the individual and the chemotherapy drugs being given. Your healthcare professionals will let you know if scalp cooling is likely to be successful with your chemotherapy treatment.

How much does Paxman scalp cooling cost?

The cost of the Scalp Cooling Cap is $500. Chemo cycles 1 through 4 are $200 per cycle. Cycles 5 and 6 are $150 per cycle. Cycles 7 through 12 are $100 per cycle. Pricing will be capped at $2,200 therefore no more cost to patient.

How can I purchase a Paxman Scalp Cooling Cap?

Patients and physicians will need to complete an enrollment form and submit it to the Paxman Hub. The Hub will review and process the request, and contact the patient for payment information. Once payment information is received, the pharmacy will ship the Paxman cooling cap along with a pre-paid token which activates the Paxman Scalp Cooling System to the patient’s home via overnight delivery.

How cold will it be?

Cold at first, but not unbearable. It is much less noticeable after 10 – 15 minutes. Deep breathing can help at the initial stages of scalp cooling. The benefits can include immediate relaxation as well as an improved ability to handle stress and calm down.

Will it give me headache?

Generally not for most patients, but it does affect a small number. If after the first 20 minutes of scalp cooling you are still finding the cold hard to bear, consult your healthcare professionals, about taking a mild pain reliever, which may reduce your discomfort.

How long does the cap have to be worn?

30 minutes before the start of your chemotherapy, during the period of receiving your chemotherapy and up to 90 minutes after.

Will the rest of my body feel cold?

Be sure to dress warmly, in layers, even in warm weather.

What happens if I need to go to the bathroom?

The cap is quickly and easily disconnected from the system, and will keep the scalp at the desired temperature for up to 10 minutes without affecting the scalp cooling process.

Are my movements restricted?

You can sit or recline in chairs, or lay down.

Will I be able to read, listen to music, fall asleep or have a

Listening to music or watching movie can help distract you from the scalp cooling and chemotherapy process.