The Paxman Scalp Cooling System is used all over the world to help prevent hair loss for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. We are always keen to hear the stories of the people we meet and speak to every day, offering our support and listening to the ways we can continually improve.

Valerie Wearing Paxman Scalp Cooling Cap
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Neial Wearing Paxman Scalp Cooling Cap

“I was able to go out  and nobody knew I was receiving treatment unless I told them.”

Shawna, Texas

“No one knew I was
being treated for
cancer because I still
had my hair. I am
so grateful I was in
the Paxman Scalp
Cooling Trial.”

Rachael Bland
BBC News Presenter

Rachel captures and shares her inspirational story through her very own blog titled Big C. Little Me.

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