How much does Paxman scalp cooling cost?

Affordability of scalp cooling treatment is crucially important to Paxman and this is why we offer the following pricing schedule. You purchase your own  Paxman Personal Cap Kit to own and keep which includes everything you will need for your scalp cooling treatment.  In addition you purchase  scalp cooling credits which are loaded onto a pay-for-use token to activate the Paxman Scalp Cooling System during each of your chemotherapy treatments.

Pricing Table

Cost example 1

Your chemotherapy treatment consists of eight cycles.

Cap Kit – $500
(4 x $200) – $800
(2 x $150) – $300
(2 x $100) – $200
TOTAL – $1800

Cost Example 1 Graphic

Cost example 2

Your chemotherapy treatment consists of twelve cycles. 

Cap Kit – $500
(4 x $200) – $800
(2 x $150) – $300
(6 x $100) – $600
TOTAL – $2200

Cost Example 2 Graphic

Refund Policy

The Paxman Cap is nonrefundable when it has been used for a patient’s treatment.

Any unused treatment cooling credits are refundable following completion of an enrollment form by the treating physician.

Refund Graphic