Cooling Caps

Cooling Caps

The most important feature of the Paxman Scalp Cooling System is the lightweight design of the personal single-patient-use cap.

Designed for Flexibility

Manufactured from medical-grade, soft-silicone material, the cap is light, yet flexible and strong, and easy to use. The Paxman Cap provides a close fit around the patient’s head. After extensive anthropometric research regarding head shapes, 3 different cap sizes were developed to meet the needs of all patients.

Personal Paxman Scalp Cooling Cap covers have a logo that is color coordinated by size:

Cap Sizes
Nylon Adjustment Image
Nylon Cover Image
Paxman Cap Kit, FInd out more

Cools Efficiently

As coolant passes through the cap to extract heat from the patient’s scalp, inline temperature sensors ensure the cap maintains the scalp at an even, constant temperature. A neoprene cover is provided with the Paxman Cap to assist in the efficiency and operation of the system. Insulating it and protecting it from high room temperatures, the cover absorbs condensation and ensures good contact with the scalp-an essential factor for successful treatment.


One of the adverse side effects can be a transient headache. Some patients may require mild pain-relief medication to reduce this side effect. As patients may feel cold from time to time, blankets should be made available for extra patient comfort. See What to Expect.

Connects and Disconnects Easily

Paxman Caps are attached to the Scalp Cooling System with easily operated, quickrelease, nondrip plastic couplings. Once the treatment is finished, the cap can be disconnected from the coolant line.