Our Partners

We are extremely proud to have partnered with a number of organisations that are supporting us in our aim to raise awareness about scalp cooling and the powerful effect it can have on cancer chemotherapy patients. If you would like to show your support by joining our network, please contact us today.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network®(NCCN®)

NCCN®, a not-for-profit alliance of 27 leading cancer centers devoted to patient care, research, and education, is dedicated to improving the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of cancer care so that patients can live better lives. Through the leadership and expertise of clinical professionals at NCCN Member Institutions, NCCN develops resources that present valuable information to the numerous stakeholders in the health care delivery system. As the arbiter of high-quality cancer care, NCCN promotes the importance of continuous quality improvement and recognizes the significance of creating clinical practice guidelines appropriate for use by patients, clinicians, and other health care decision-makers.

World-renowned experts from NCCN Member Institutions diagnose and treat patients with a broad spectrum of cancers and are recognized for dealing with complex, aggressive, or rare cancers. NCCN Member Institutions pioneered the concept of the multidisciplinary team approach to patient care and conduct innovative research that contributes significantly to understanding, diagnosing, and treating cancer. NCCN programs offer access to expert physicians, superior treatment, and quality and safety initiatives that continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of cancer care.]



HairToStay is a national organization offering scalp cooling subsidies to eligible patients


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Launched in 2016, CHILL, Cancer-related Hair Loss, International Leadership and Linkage, is a collaboration between cancer specialists in several countries to collect and share knowledge about the treatment and prevention of hair loss, a common side effect of chemotherapy as well as scalp-cooling treatment to address this side effect. CHILL maintains the website as well as a global registry to reflect the incidence of hair loss in daily clinical practise. This platform facilitates the exchange of information among patients, physicians, nurses and researchers.


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The Rapunzel Project 

The Rapunzel Project is very personal to its founders, Shirley and Nancy, because they are both breast cancer survivors. Their own experiences with cancer inspired them to help make the journey easier for future patients.


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University of Huddersfield

Academic researchers in the Schools of Applied Sciences and Art, Design and Architecture work closely with Paxman to carry out scientific research, product design and testing. With vital input into the technology of scalp cooling and an evidence-based product development strategy, the university is dedicated to improving success rates and advancing skills within the healthcare industry.

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Infinite Strength

Following her own breast cancer diagnosis and treatment Roberta Lombardi founded Infinite Strength to help those that not only struggle with the disease but also struggle financially.  Her mission is to make medical treatments more accessible for all breast cancer patients and to offset costs that are not always covered by insurance, but can make all the difference in the healing process, both physically and emotionally.  Infinite Strength raises funds to help cover the cost of Paxman Scalp Cooling for qualifying patients receiving their treatment at Smilow Cancer Hospital.

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